Professional Metal Detecting & Recovery Service

Welcome to DETECT, Melbourne's professional metal detecting service available 7 days a week.

Specialising in lost jewellery recovery DETECT, provides a range of metal detecting services including:
  • Searching for lost jewellery and metallic items
  • Metal detector hire for:
                -  Gold prospecting
                -  Lost jewellery recovery
                -  Coin and relic hunting
                -  Underwater metal detecting
                -  Security screening
  • Estate and Historical searches
  • Miscellaneous recovery services (locating buried goal sleeves, clearing paddocks of nails, locating buried gattic covers and much more)
  • Recovery of small objects from confined spaces with the use of a borescope.

We have a range of specialty equipment available when performing recoveries and searches to ensure the highest chance of success. We use proven search techniques that have been developed during the many recoveries we have performed to increase the likelihood of recovering your lost item.

If you have lost a wedding ring, engagement ring, watch, bracelet, necklace, keys, anything metallic we can help!!!!!

Whether it be at the beach, lake, playground, park, garden, garden, anywhere.

When something is lost it's not gone forever, it's just out of sight.  Prompt response will increase the likelihood of recovering your item.

What was once lost is now just a phone call away.
0402 330 916
03 9016 0033
Recovered Items
0402 330 916
03 9016 0033
DETECT - Melbourne's Metal Detector Hire Service
Ring Found After 41 Years
Melbourne's Lost Jewellery Recovery Service
Melbourne's Lost Jewellery Recovery Service
Recovered Items
Office: (03) 9016 0033
: 0402 330 916
WHEN Brenda Caunter finished tending to the cabbages on her allotment one afternoon in 1972, she was distressed to find her beloved wedding ring had slipped off her finger and tumbled into the plot.
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